Four U.S. Soldiers Killed and Six Wounded in Iraq

August 10 16:36 2005 Print This Article

U.S. victims rate keeps increasing

BAGHDAD, August 10 – Today the American Military released a statement disclosing that yesterday four U.S. soldiers were killed and another six wounded in an insurgent attack. The soldiers were a part of a New York-based Army National Guard division, the attack occurred when they were on patrol in a town in northern Iraq, Baji.

The soldiers were struck by a roadside bomb, similar to the attack last week when 14 soldiers were killed. The American patrol was underway to investigate an explosion in Baji. When they attended to the casualties they were taken under attack again, this time by small-arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades. There was also a contractor among the casualties, wounded in the attack after attending to the other casualties.

The American command also announced that another soldier was killed by small-arms fire in a 1,000-soldier sweep of the Euphrates River corridor, a breeding spot for insurgents. This sad news raises more doubts as U.S. victims increased extremely over the last few weeks. Attacks like these roadside bombs are very hard, if not impossible, to prevent as the insurgents keep innovating and the army is always one step behind. George W. Bush has not yet responded to this recent news of new casualties.

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