Suicide Bomber Kills Ten Elite Iraqi Commandos

September 25 14:15 2005 Print This Article

Retaliation for earlier assault?

BAGHDAD, September 25 – An already startling morning resulted in a bomb attack on a busy highway in Baghdad. In this insurgent attack at least ten elite commandos of the Iraqi forces were killed but a clear count of the total amount of deaths and injuries is not yet available as chaos still rules the neighborhood where the strike took place.

The early morning started with tension in Sadr City, that part of Baghdad that is controlled by the Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr. Surprisingly also one of the safest parts since the social control is incredible and militants patrol the streets day and night. Reportedly six pick-up trucks with special Iraqi commandos and six Humvees with special U.S. forces arrived at the local mosque looking to arrest a member of the militant army. Alleged witnesses say that the special troops then opened fire on the crowd after they found out the man they were looking for was not around, six deaths and at least seven casualties were the result.

In the early afternoon a similar pick-up truck as seen in this assault was targeted by a suicide bomber on a busy highway in Baghdad. The truck with elite commandos in the back was struck by a minivan that pulled up to the side when at the same time the driver detonated the explosives. Witnesses have reported at least ten of the elite commandos as killed but the highway is still scattered with burning metal and dazed citizens so final reports are not conclusive yet.

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