Netanyahu Resigns as Israeli Cabinet Approves Gaza Pullout

August 07 14:58 2005 Print This Article

Unilateral move demands first victim

JERUSALEM, August 7 – Minister of Finance Benjamin Netanyahu has resigned today as the cabinet of Israel approved the first plans to pullout of the Gaza Strip. Netanyahu has stated that his letter of resignation counted as a vote against the plans, obviously. Netanyahu is mainly considered as Sharon’s direct rival in the right-wing Likud party, his resignation will certainly affect the Israeli market as he was widely favoured because of tax cuts and social benefits. Also this dispute shows how large the division in even the cabinet itself is over this touchy subject.

Obviously his resignation will not stand in the way of the plans to pullout of the Gaza Strip as this matter has been approved by the cabinet with 17 votes in favour and only 5 votes against. The first phase will include removal of the settlements of Kfar Darom, Netzarim and Morag, very isolated settlements which are expected to deliver the strongest resistance.

Netanyahu later explained that he understands the ambition to pull out of the Gaza Strip but urges he cannot be a part of something he doesn’t support. He believes this move will further divide the people and harm the Israel security as well as intensify Palestinian terror attacks.

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