Iran Resumes Nuclear Processes Despite EU Warning

August 08 09:38 2005 Print This Article

Sanctions ahead?

TEHRAN, August 8 – Today Iran resumed nuclear work despite the warning of EU officials that this would lead to sanctions. Iran stopped processing uranium last November when an agreement was reached with the EU on a long-term nuclear programme. Progress however was too slow and Tehran started complaining about this and even rejected a proposal by the EU to stop nuclear processing for good in return for economic and political benefits.

The uranium conversion facility in Isfahan started their normal work today. They are still under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency. Two workers at the Isfahan plant started everything symbolical by pouring the first barrel of uranium yellow cake into the processing line.
This was closely followed by co-workers through a closed circuit television system.

Iran stated that its intends are totally peaceful and that they will only use the nuclear plants to generate electricity, not to produce bombs.

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