London Police Make arrest in Terrorist Investigations

July 12 12:37 2005 Print This Article

Information implies 4 suicide bombers were used

WEST YORKSHIRE, July 12 – Investigations on the bombings in London on last Thursday have led to at least one arrest in West Yorkshire and a couple of raids in Leeds. There have been reports of one controlled explosion in a house in Leeds and at least 500 people evacuated from that area. Meanwhile documents on the missing man on the London bus were found in the leftovers which may imply they belong to the suicide bomber.

At Luton station car park there were at least three controlled explosions on cars. Scotland Yard reports six warrants have been issued by now. Police reported that it’s likely that one suspect died at the Aldgate explosion, suggesting that the terror attack may have been led by four suicide bombers.

This morning police started this big operation after the warrants were issued. After the raids in West Yorkshire and Leeds the police continued at Luton station, and at this moment the investigation is still ongoing.

Today police also recovered the identity of two more victims, the death count is at 52 for the horrible terror attack on London. Police officials have stated that they will do anything to bring those responsible to justice, urging that no terror attack on London has ever gone unpunished. Meanwhile security officials have expressed their concerns about future attacks, while there are no direct indications of an attack it will be inevitable over time.

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