Bombings Shock London Once Again

July 21 16:33 2005 Print This Article

Only two weeks since the last drama terrorists strike again

LONDON, July 21 – Exactly two weeks after the disastrous bombings on the London public transit system terrorists prove again that they’re well alive and able to strike at will. Just before one o’clock ambulances were requested at three subway stations in London, a few minutes after that an explosion was reported in a bus but nobody was harmed. Suprisingly and luckily there has only been one wounded reported and there are no expectations of anymore casualties.

The explosions occurred at the stations on Warren street, Oval and Shepherd’s Bush and the bus was stopped at Hackney Road. Witnesses reported a man running away from the station on Warren street and while bystanders tried to stop him they had no success. Later on armed police entered the University College Hospital to apparently apprehend the suspect, another arrest was reported later but no details have been given. Witnesses reported the suspect on Warren street threw a bag in the train which reports suggest might have been a nail bomb.

Blair addressed the nation not long after the events, urging the citizens to remain calm. Obviously these bombings, while being small and not inflicting many casualties, shocked the nation. While security measures have been heightened ever since the dreadful bombings of two weeks ago somehow terrorists still seem to be a few steps ahead of the authorities. The only hope now is that the suspects who have been arrested and the bombs that apparently did not detonate correctly can shed some light on who the masterminds behind these terrorist cells are.

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