Roberts Answers but Also Raises Many Questions

August 03 16:00 2005 Print This Article

Democrats still not sure what to think

WASHINGTON, August 3 – In a survey Supreme Court nominee John Roberts answered many questions on his personal view and judicial opinion but failed to go into specifics as some may have wanted. He raised much hope by stating that he will honor established Supreme Court rulings, urging that legal precedents are important to promote legal stability. While this is the answer many Democrats are looking for he failed to specify his stance on the Roe v. Wade abortion decision.

Many believed Roberts’ answers provided much hope but were too vague to guarantee a trouble free hearing. His lawyer-like answers on the important questions also raised doubt and irritated some, sceptics think this might cause his downfall, failing to provide clear-cut answers on important issues.

The Supreme Court is always closely divided on important social matters such as abortion and euthanasia, Sandra Day O’Connor almost always provided the swing vote ensuring somewhat progressive rulings. Now that she’s retiring Bush finally has the chance to promote conservatism by appointing a conservative judge to the Supreme Court although Democrats are not likely to give in on this point. Everything will be decided by the committee overseeing his appointment, starting September 6th.

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