NYC Subway Threat Originated in Iraq

October 08 10:22 2005 Print This Article

Terrorist spilled his beans

WASHINGTON, October 8 – The terrorist threat against the New York City subway system finds its’ origin in Iraq. Reliable sources within the U.S. government have leaked information that a terrorist in training who was captured from a training camp in Afghanistan gave up this information during a polygraph test, the test did not go flawless but the part about this specific threat went perfectly. It is believed that this is the origin of the heightened alertness in NYC and the statements of mayor Bloomberg and the Chief of Police.

After obtaining the information a military operation was set up and carried out on Wednesday in Musayyib, 45 miles south of Baghdad in which three Al-Qaeda members were arrested. The source of the information stated that past Friday and this Sunday are the two possible dates for the attack, with now only Sunday remaining. The attack is said to be carried out by remote detonated explosives hidden in suitcases, bags or baby strollers.

Associated Press obtained a memo from Homeland security in which this information is confirmed. FBI and local officials are sceptical towards this information yet the security measures are still in effect for now. This Friday was exactly three months after the attacks in London which killed 52 people and wounded over 700. In the past week information about a possible attack in France also surfaced, the threat was specified towards the Paris subway, an airport and an intelligence service headquarters. No further information on this is available at this time.

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