London Police Defend Fatal Mishap

July 24 12:26 2005 Print This Article

The true dilemma when facing potential terrorists?

LONDON, July 24 – The Brazilian electrician who has been innocently shot on Friday has been identified as 27 year old Jean Charles de Menezes. Although apologizing for this horrible event Metropolitan police commissioner Ian Blair defended the shoot-to-kill policy as the only way to stop suicide bombers. De Menezes left a building that has been under observation since Tuesday and headed for Stockwell station while acting suspiciously and wearing a heavy padded coat while it was pretty hot outside. Plain-clothed policemen then followed him into the station and shot him in the head and torso five times in front of passing by passengers.

At first it was told that De Menezes was directly linked to the Thursday bombings but after further investigation it became apparent that he was totally innocent. This incident has shocked the entire world but still there is no “better” solution at hand.

Meanwhile Blair also announced that material used in the Thursday “attempted” bombing is similar to the ones used on July 7th although there is no evidence that links these attacks together. Two of the suicide bombers of July 7th, Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shahzad Tanweer, had apparently enjoyed a whitewater rafting trip only three days before the horrible attack. BBC has reported that the list of that particular party is now under investigation to see if any links to the Thursday bombings can be discovered.

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