Avian Flu Spreads To Europe

October 10 14:10 2005 Print This Article

Measures have been taken

EUROPE, October 10 – The feared avian flu, also known as bird flu, has spread to Europe. So far only Asian countries and Russia have been affected but the disease has also surfaced in Romania and Turkey as of Sunday. The countries immediately took measures to prevent any further spreading of the dreadful virus. Thousands of birds were killed in Turkey and Romania immediately after discovering the disease and the killing of many thousands continue to rid the areas of the bird flu.

The Turkish government set up a 2 mile quarantined area around the farm where the diseased birds were found and in both countries free-range poultry has been banned.

Germany has prepared for a potential infection as well, although the government is not concerned about the virus yet they have made clear that all preparations are in place and measures like free-range poultry banning are in effect or ready to be put in effect in some states.

Meanwhile in Romania over 3,000 people living near the infected area have been vaccinated with anti-flu medication. Although it is not a direct vaccination against the avian flu it does boost the body’s immunity making it more resistant to possible transfers of the virus. It is still to be determined whether both cases in Romania and Turkey deal with the H5N1 virus, the only strain known to be a potential threat against humans.

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