Alleged Mastermind Behind London Terror Attack Arrested

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Egyptian chemist caught in Cairo

CAIRO, July 15 – Magdy El-Nashar, dubbed by the English media as the mastermind behind the recent terror attack on London has been arrested last night by the Egyptian police. They have been interrogating the 33-year-old biochemist ever since, with no result yet. Egyptian Interior Ministry stated that he has denied any connection with the bombings and that he was on vacation in Cairo when the atrocity took place.

El-Nashar has been identified as the man who rented an apartment in Leeds in which allegedly the bombs should have been assembled that were used in London. Police sources say the explosives used are believed to be TATP, triacetone triperoxide, an explosive constructed of easily purchased chemicals, similar to those used by the attempted shoe bomber Richard Reid.

In a separate news report yesterday there has been a link established between El-Nashar and one of the suspected bombers, Lindsey Germaine. It has been confirmed that they were friends and even roommates for some time.
Scotland Yard is not giving any information whether they are trying to extradite El-Nashar although they do confirm they know about the arrest, other than that they’re still terribly vague on details. The only thing they released is: “This remains a fast-moving investigation with a number of lines of enquiry, some of which may have an international dimension.”

Neighbours and family members shared that Magdy El-Nashar was a quiet man who led a solitary life. Though they deny he could be a religious extremist. His brother adds to this that he is a keyboard player and is often accompanied by belly-dancers, something a religious extremist would not have allowed. El-Nashar even received a government grant of $58,000 to study in England. “We can confirm that Dr. Magdy el-Nashar was awarded a Bioscience Yorkshire Fellowship, supported by Yorkshire Forward in 2004,” they confirmed.

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