Bush Back-stabs Congress by Appointing Bolton

August 01 15:22 2005 Print This Article

Constitutional article abused by Bush

WASHINGTON, August 1 – President Bush is clearly not looking to make friends on his second term in the White House. After the endless debate over whether John Bolton is the suitable man to be the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Bush has now appointed Bolton without their consent using a sneaky constitutional article to get his way.

Article 2 of the Constitution gives the President authority to appoint someone to an interim position with no further confirmation needed while Congress is in recess. Bush made it quite clear he has been waiting for this opportunity by using this article on the first working day of congressional recess, appointing Bolton as interim ambassador to the U.N.

This appointment will remain in effect until the next Congress is sworn in, which will be in January 2007. Democrats have immediately reacted with disgrace, an obviously logical reaction because they have been blocking Bolton’s appointment for months now. Bush has not shown much respect for democracy as a whole with this action but he defends himself by urging that the vacancy has been open for six months now and the position is far too important to remain unattended for so long. Fact remains that this is widely considered as a weak act and the relation between Bush and Congress is only getting worse with Bush’s egoistical decisions.

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