American Forces Abuse of the Koran

June 05 21:26 2005 Print This Article

By Fridah Emelee.
There have been claims from the White House saying that the cases of American forces in Guantanamo Bay mistreating of the Koran were minor incidents and few in number.

It is said by a spokespersons that the U.S. military stick on to the highest values when it comes to respecting and being protective over religious freedom, and to follow religious beliefs.

Has the Koran been abused and violated? The U.S. Government has been looking into claims of mishandling of the Koran, together with the charge by at least one prisoner that a U.S. recruit threw the holy book in a toilet. As of last week, the investigation, directed by Brigadier General Jay W. Hood, he had discovered five examples of which a guard or interrogator had abused the Koran – although Hood would not explain precisely how all had happen, but one before January 2003, when the exact rules of the Koran were recognized. Up till now Hoods squad found no reliable confirmation that a Koran was ever thrown in a toilet. Out of the five incidents three of the incidents were probably on purpose and the other two were accidental, it has been confirmed by Hood late last week. Hood also added that he and his squad had reinterviewed a prisoner who had earlier told the FBI agents that he had witnessed the Koran being thrown in the toilet, but now has deprived of personally of any Koran dishonor. The military has confirmed that no Koran has been disrespected or has ever been thrown in a toilet.

Guantanamo services which is supervised by the US Southern Command, has been said in detail on Friday that on one particular occasion prisoners Koran’s have been kicked, stepped on, and drenched with water. Reports have been said that on one occasion a prison guard somehow accidentally peed into a prison cell which hit the prisoner and his Koran. This is so incredulous that it seems to smack of a cover up. The prison guard was reportedly then removed from his post to another post after he had given the prisoner new set of clothing and a new Koran.

It has been said that these incidents happened between early 2003 to mid – 2003, excluding the urine incident. The assessments have also revealed other complaints on incidents made by prisoners about the mistreatment of their Koran, there were minor incidents but could not be verified.

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