United States slammed by Galloway

May 18 00:30 2005 Print This Article

The Unites States Government’s tenuous position on the side of good against evil took another battering today at the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations into the Un Food for Oil Programme.
The British Independent politician George Galloway was called before the committee led by the panel’s chairman Sen. Norm Coleman to explain the alleged assertion that Galloway had been awarded rights to buy oil from Iraq because of his opinions about Iraq.More..
An inetersting perspective on this is the way the US media handled Galloways Interrogation.
The senators start throwing the accusations at him and he not only deflects them fairly well, he starts throwing back the accusations he has, culminating with the comment “I was right, the US was wrong”… then CNN thought it was boring enough they needed to go to commercial. MSNBC and FOX News both thought they were more interesting so they put him in a muted side box and started talking amongst themselves. CSPAN2 is showing senators walk around the floor during a break in another hearing and it’s not streaming on their site. BBC is the only station I see covering it gavel to gavel. It is a rather heated exchange going on between Mr. Galloway and the senators. I guess the US stations want to edit it to show later and make whoever they want to look bad.

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