Poll Stations in Iraq Close as Election Proceeded Peacefully

December 15 14:02 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, December 15 – Strangely and unexpectedly enough there were little reports of violence in Iraq today. On one of the most important days in the entire history of this Arab country it seemed like insurgents took a day off to vote also.

Apart from a few reports of mortar shells in Baghdad and Mosul no mentionable attacks occurred. Indications lead to believe that about seven Iraqi’s were injured during these attacks but none of the in life threatening situations as we know of.

The citizens of Iraq enjoyed this day, many wandered pleasantly over street celebrating this day of democracy. The talk of the way was simply the realization of dreams which slowly moves forward as the people are allowed to choose their representation for the coming four years. For most Iraqi’s this is a novelty and they are actually enjoying every step of it.

Critics believed that this would be a day of blood-shed but nothing seems further from the truth than that. One minus on this day is the sure win for the Shiite Muslim United Iraqi Alliance, thanks to mere demographics they are absolutely certain of barring any two-third majority in the National Assembly. The Kurds and Sunnis will undoubtedly be in minority, how this will reflect to the democratic process is yet to be seen.

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