Anarchy in New Orleans, Hope Evaporates as No Help Arrives

September 02 12:14 2005 Print This Article

Where is the help these people need?

NEW ORLEANS, September 2 – Unbelievable to imagine that the shocking, horrible images we are shown on television the last few days come from U.S. soil. The city known as the “Big Easy” isn’t so easy anymore, looting, raping, it’s turmoil in this normally so beautiful city. The big question is why there is no help in this devastated area, the hurricane Katrina raged through on Monday and even today on Friday people are still crying out for help.

The images that come by hour after hour seem to only get worse. Corpses floating around the streets, hospitals with no means to treat the simplest of diseases, even reports of raping and random assaults have occurred. Policemen are turning in their badges, not willing to risk their lives to fend off the looters. The National Guard arrived pretty quickly to prevent looting and keep the streets safe but why is there no humanitarian help? There is no food, no water, no medication, the simplest of life needs are missing yet the streets are filled with armed-to-the-teeth soldiers!

Of course the fearless President has “risked” his life by flying over the area in Air Force One, what a brave man. Meanwhile he’s enjoying a normal, dry and fed life while thousands are starving in New Orleans and he’s doing nothing to help them. Congress approved a bill that frees up 8.5 billion dollars to rebuild the struck area, but isn’t it more important to save the people that are still in distress? It’s mind-baffling how th government can take care of so many things all over the world but when their own people are at stake the entire thing breaks down like a cheap Chevy.

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