Nine Americans Killed in Iraq, Total Death Toll Passes 1,900

September 20 09:58 2005 Print This Article

Violence continues

BAGHDAD, September 20 – Tuesday the U.S. military announced the tragic deaths of five U.S. soldiers. Four of them were killed in two roadside bombings near Ramadi, an insurgent-controlled city, the fifth was killed in a similar attack just north of Baghdad.

In northern Iraq the city of Mosul was the scene of four more U.S. deaths, one diplomatic security agent and three private security agents were killed by a suicide bomber. Marking the spot of disaster a crater lies in the middle of the road.

This raises the total death toll of the U.S. military to a staggering 1,904 deaths since the beginning of this dreadful war in Iraq. At least 1,483 deaths were the cause of hostile actions with the majority lying at firefights followed by bombings as a close second. Roadside bombs have increased in popularity and the detection of them is still virtually impossible. These improvised bombs keep advancing in technique and so far the terrorists are still a step ahead of the military forces.

Today is just another sad day in a week that started off by massive bombings and assassinations throughout the entire country. Al Qaeda’s leader in Iraq, Al-Zarqawi ha declared an all-out war on the Shiite majority and of course the U.S. Forces will not be neglected.

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