Commonly Used Drug Found to Increase Heart Failure After Surgery

January 26 15:07 2006 Print This Article

CALIFORNIA, January 26 – This week a new study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine which raised quite some eyebrows. The drug Trasylol which is normally used after surgery to control bleeding has been found to increase the risk of kidney failure and increase the risk of an heart attack.

Trasylol of which the working ingredient is atropinin, is one of the leading drugs produced by Bayer AG, the German pharmacy company. The drug is used in over 60 percent of all surgeries, an astonishing fact considering that this drug might be lethal to some of these patients. The risk on heart failure or heart attacks increased by a baffling 55 percent and the risk on a stroke or the breakdown of brain tissue even doubled.

In response to this new research stock for Bayer AG declined with 3.1 percent, the biggest decline in over one and a half year. Although representatives of Bayer have questioned the methods by which the research was done doctors are now advising to use the less expensive generic drugs aminocaproic acid and tranexamic acid which are considered to be safe.

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