Cell Phones Have No Influence on Brain Cancer

January 21 16:52 2006 Print This Article

LEEDS, January 21 – An important study on the link between cell phone use and brain tumors has been concluded and the results were shown in the British Medical Journal.

This new research is a cooperation between the universities of Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and the Institute of Cancer Research in London. The research included 966 people with common forms of brain tumors and a total of 1,716 healthy individuals over a total period of four years.

The study concluded that there is absolutely no link between the use of cell phones and the growth or occurrence of brain tumors. Often used arguments like phone model and frequency of use were also accounted for but posed no difference in the results.

Although large mobile phone network operators like T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and O2 partially funded the project there was an agreement in place that ensured the independence of the researchers. Mr. Philips, director of the consumer watch group PowerWatch responded that the study is severely flawed. According to his information 49 percent of the 966 sick individuals did not get interviewed because most of them died due to fast-growing tumors before they could conclude the study.

So far no official response has been made towards this comment.

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