Investigator Certain That CIA Broke International Law

January 14 16:16 2006 Print This Article

BURGDORF, Switzerland, January 14 – The head of the European investigative commission researching the handlings of the CIA on European soil has come to the conclusion that without a doubt the CIA handled illegally on European territory.

The Council of Europe requested these investigations after the allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency was abducting terrorist suspects to torture them in third-world countries. Talks of secret detention centers in Eastern Europe arose, especially in Poland and Romania but all connections were denied by local governments and even the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The tension between Europe and the U.S. peaked just before Christmas when an Italian judge issued arrest warrants for CIA operatives linked to an abduction of a muslim cleric in 2003. No arrests were made yet in this case because there was no request for extraction.

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