Judge Resigns as Protest to Bush’s Secret Spy Program

December 21 17:38 2005 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, December 21 – The new chapter in this drama of covert spying missions approved by the President takes a dramatic turn. In light of the recent report by the New York Times and Bush’s confirmation of the report Judge James Robertson felt compelled to resign from his position as judge on a special court to regulate government surveillance.

The aide to Judge Robertson would not comment on the situation and the White House of course refused comments as well but the informed spectators all agree that this is a resignation out of protest. Bush made it clear that he has no intention to stop the secret intelligence gathering that started in the 9/11 aftermath and obviously Judge Robertson had questions towards the legal justification of his program.

It is rather interesting to see how this develops, if Bush stumbles onto more resistance he might be forced to temporarily stop the program. Seeing as the Senate refused to renew the Patriot Act many people object to Bush’s sense of dictatorship, this on top of the criticism on the war in Iraq might form a huge problem for Bush, who saw his popularity fall and fall and fall.

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