Florida Lawmaker Looking To Support Stem Cell Research

August 04 13:47 2005 Print This Article

A seemingly infinite ethical debate

TALLAHASSEE, August 4 – Democrat Representative Franklin Sands of Broward County has stated that he’s looking to introduce a bill next year that will specifically authorize the use of embryonic stem cells gathered from in-vitro fertilization but not used for implantation. Normally these stem cells would be destroyed so they could not be put to any other use but Sands would like to see them put to use as they could provide possible cures for all kinds of diseases like Alzheimer and spinal cord injuries.

Of course this bill can count on an incredible strong opposition from the conservative Republicans. Among them is Governor Jeb Bush, President’s Bush brother. Although the embryonic stem cell research is not illegal in Florida the fact that the state would fund such research facilities is still strongly opposed. Most Republicans are afraid it will give the wrong signal, allowing humankind to play “God” and create actual human life from these cells.

Sands has said that he simply wants to put an end to the fact that unused stem cells get destroyed just because they’re not allowed for any other purposes. He is strongly opposed to any form of human cloning and has urged that his bill will reflect this without a doubt. His concern is with the medical breakthroughs that will result from such research while normally these cells would just be disposed. How good-willing Sands might be, he can count on a strong opposition when this bill will be filed next year.

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