Protests in Texas May Cause Political Stir

August 21 09:06 2005 Print This Article

They’re not giving up

CRAWFORD, Texas, August 21 – The protests in Texas continue, as we reported yesterday Bush is trying to turn things around by a media offensive starting this week. Analysts think that the protests might cause more damage to Bush’s administration than first foreseen. While the opposition against the war in Iraq remained quiet after the election in 2004 the recent protests seem to recommit many protesters to raise their voices once again.

While the anti-war camp outside Bush’s ranch is getting big media attention, the real damage could be done when other politicians pick up on the protests and join in the anti-war ambiance. Renewed public attention to this cause could lead liberal activists and Democrats to challenge Bush on this front again, while they have remained awfully quiet for the past months. Some reports indicate that Bush might gain advantage out of this as some of the protesters demands might oppose the general view. The starter of this all, Cindy Sheehan, demands immediate withdrawal of all U.S. troops, something that could be seen as being unsupportive to our troops and cause quite a backlash.

Whatever the outcome may be, this renewed opposition against this senseless war is a good thing. The general public is once again involved in the matter after the focus has been taken off of it. The wide support for this war is already decreasing considerably due to the many casualties on U.S. side.

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