Huge Blasts Rock London Area

December 11 10:49 2005 Print This Article

LONDON, December 11 – The residents of Hemel Hempstead, 30 miles north of London, had a rude awakening this morning as a nearby fuel depot suffered blast after blast. The cause of these explosions are still unknown but an attack should not be discarded immediately.

Witnesses reported either hearing a plane crash or seeing a plane crash into the fuel depot but there has been no official response toward these statements or any other regarding the cause of these immense explosions.

The town of Hemel Hempstead was awakened by these big blasts which lit the sky and rocked many homes. There have been reports of blown in doors and garage doors, cars have been damaged and many windows shattered when the shockwave hit the town. The Ramada Hotel not far away of the disaster site was evacuated as many injuries occurred because of the shattered windows. There have been no official reports on casualties or deaths but it seems as though there should be a large number of casualties given the power of the blast.

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