Baghdad Blast Kills Civilians, Marines Killed in Separate Incident in Iraq

November 02 14:14 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, November 2 – Today was another sad day in the history of the war in Iraq. In Baghdad a roadside bomb killed five civilians as their van hit the bomb and left nothing of the van. In a separate incident near Ramadi two U.S. Marines were killed when their helicopter crashed.

Just six hours later an U.S. Marine F-18 bombed an insurgent stronghold only 500 meters away from the crash site. There was no indication whether this means that the Marines were shot down by the insurgents as the statements released were done so by e-mail.

Yesterday a Marine and sailor were killed, also in Ramadi by a roadside bomb. This raises the death toll to approximately 2,022 U.S. deaths. Iraqi civilian death rate has raised from 40 a day to 60 a day right now since August 29th. This makes a staggering 1,800 Iraqi deaths in October alone. In addition to this the casualty toll for U.S. military personnel is at 8,154 since the beginning of the war in Iraq.

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