Fast and Safe Angioplasty is Here

November 14 13:57 2005 Print This Article

DALLAS, November 14 – The trend these days is fast, everything needs to be fast. Fast food, fast money, fast results in almost any aspect of life. Canadian doctors are now introducing fast angioplasty in America!

At a conference of the American Heart Association the Canadian doctors introduced a new perspective in applying angioplasty, one that will ensure patients can go home the same day the angioplasty was performed. Currently patients always have to stay a night in the hospital for intravenous medication and to monitor the risk of bleeding and reoccurring clotting.

The current procedure works through an incision in the leg, near the groin. Through an artery in the leg the doctors begin the process of angioplasty. This procedure brings a risk of renewed bleeding of the incision when the procedure is done and clotting of the artery. This is why patients are kept overnight.

The new procedure involves making an incision in the arm, near the wrist, through which the angioplasty can be performed. This greatly reduces the risk of bleeding of the incision overnight. With the help of a single dose of ReoPro, a common anti-clotting drug, the risk of renewed clotting is reduced to a mere 0.1%.

The research was funded by Eli Lily & Co., Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi-Aventis, the manufacturer of ReoPro. The doctors participating in the research stated that they do not have any financial ties to these companies though. This new procedure will greatly reduce the costs for the patient and the hospitals without any risk.

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