More U.S. Deaths in Iraq during Rice’s Visit

November 12 17:05 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, November 12 – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dropped by Iraq for a surprise visit. During this visit she spoke to the President of Iraq about her concerns of the foreign fighters who keep getting imported through the Syrian border. The President then called on Syria to increase their effort to seal off the borders against foreign insurgents trying to reinforce the terrorists in Iraq. He claims that Syria is not doing enough to prevent this, maybe even intentionally.

Syria denied these allegations of course. The Syrian government is blaming U.S. and Iraqi troops for not keeping their end of the long desert clean of insurgents. Also they claim that the U.S. government is trying to discredit the Syrian government with these allegations.

Meanwhile in other incidents at least five U.S. soldiers were killed. One Marine was killed on Thursday by a roadside bomb near Karabilah. In Khaldiyah two soldiers were killed while engaged in enemy combat, likely by small-arms fire. Two other soldiers were killed in a traffic accident nearby Kirkuk. This makes a total of 2,061 U.S. deaths since the beginning of the war in Iraq in March 2003.

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