Saddam’s Trial to Start Tomorrow

October 18 11:39 2005 Print This Article

This is the trial Iraqi’s have been waiting for

BAGHDAD, October 18 – In less than 24 hours from now the long-awaited trial of former dictator Saddam Hussein will start in Iraq. He will face five judges in a heavily secured courtroom in Baghdad, facing the charges of crimes against humanity for the killing of over 140 Shiite muslims 20 years ago.

Although many have hoped this day would come soon it could be a slight disappointment because an early adjournment can cut the day short. It is likely that Saddam’s defense will enter motions for either delay or dismissal. Saddam’s head lawyer Kalil Dulaimi has announced he will challenge the legitimacy of the court, this could take up quite some time. Fact is that the court was setup under U.S. occupancy and the court has been funded by Washington, this has many lawyers concerned about the impartiality of the court. Many human right groups have also raised concerns against this court, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have addressed concerns like the fact that defendants can be convicted simply by the “satisfaction” of the judges. The actual proof or guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is not a factor. Also it is not clear whether the death penalty can be assigned yes or no so there is still much work to do in their opinion.

Saddam Hussein’s defense has only had 45 days to prepare for the case, the huge stack of evidence to go through might give them a valid request to delay the trial so they can be properly prepared. If adjourned it is likely that the court will not resume before December, dissatisfying to many Iraqi’s without doubt.

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