Suicide Bombings Kill at Least 80 in Iraq

November 18 15:45 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, November 18 – Iraq was hit hard today when terrorists struck in several incidents. The bloodiest attack occurred almost 100 miles northeast of Baghdad in Khanaqin.

This largely Shiite town was struck by two suicide bombers walking into two mosques during the Friday prayers. Hundreds of people turn up daily for prayers in the mosques and the insurgents took advantage of this by detonating explosives in the middle of the groups. At least 74 people were killed instantly and another 75 were wounded. Medical specialists from all over the country came to aid in the care for the wounded since this city does not have such big resources.

In Baghdad the Hamra Hotel was targeted, this hotel hosts many international journalists including those of NBC News and the Boston Globe. Two vehicles loaded with explosives tried to penetrate the protective walls surrounding the hotel but they did not succeed. Unfortunately eight Iraqi citizens were killed in the process. The commanding police officer claims that the plan was for the first vehicle to breach the wall so the second, larger, truck could drive through and hit the hotel. Luckily they did not succeed at this attempt.

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