Blair Accuses Iran of Involvement in Iraq Bombings

October 06 09:31 2005 Print This Article

Meanwhile insurgent attacks continue

LONDON/BAGHDAD, October 6 – At his meeting with the Iraqi President Jalal Talabani the British Prime Minister mentioned that they suspect that Iran is involved in the bombings in Iraq. Yesterday a British official shared these same accusations with the press and Iran immediately wiped this statement off the table.

The official specifically said that they suspect that Iran is delivering weapons and explosives to Shiite militia in Iraq, arms that have been used to kill at least eight British soldiers and have been found throughout the south of Iraq. Blair added that the accusations are based on the fact that elements that remained from these bombings have not been seen before and the elements are similar to explosives that Hezbollah uses in their attacks. Although he stressed the fact that there is no waterproof evidence he nonetheless did not refrain from this strong accusation.

The Foreign Minister of Iran replied calling these accusations blunt “lies”. Later on state television they elaborated saying that these accusations are baseless and far from the truth.

Meanwhile in Iraq’s capital a car bomb killed at least 10 people when it went off at the Iraq Oil Ministry. At least another eight people were injured in this attack. The attack comes just a day after a suicide attack in Hilla which claimed 25 lives at a funeral. It is expected that the rate of attacks will only increase with the coming referendum on October 15th.

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