Bush Not Planning on Withdrawing Troops From Iraq Soon

August 12 00:18 2005 Print This Article

Contradictory to earlier speeches?

CRAWFORD, Texas, August 12 – President Bush spoke about the war in Iraq yesterday, addressing recent concerns over the increasing amount of U.S. casualties. His speech was more personal this time, a move probably made because of the circumstances since the mother of a killed U.S. soldier has been camping outside of Bush’s ranch demanding to speak to him. Although Bush spoke with determination and strong words his appearance did not sooth the concerns. Support for the war in Iraq is declining and will continue to do so since there is no sign of progress.

While Bush noted in March that the U.S. troops in Iraq could be reduced from over 130,000 to 30,000 by next spring he now claimed there is no way to tell yet. He said progress is coming but not yet evident and he’s worried the Iraqi troops cannot handle the security issues themselves. He even spoke about a possible increase of U.S. troops in Iraq to safeguard the elections which will be held soon.

Needless to say this news was not received well among the antiwar protesters surrounding Bush’s ranch. Many believe he is giving in to the conservatives who have been worried that pulling out too soon might damage the Iraqi democracy. Bush urged that pulling out the troops right now would send the wrong signal to the enemy.

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