Bush and Putin Disagree on Iran’s Nuclear Development

September 17 08:36 2005 Print This Article

What a surprise!

WASHINGTON, September 17 – Russian President Putin and President Bush held a meeting at the White House to publicly show their friendship is unaffected by the recent world events. They also came together to show Iran they mean business. Putin specifically mentioned he does not want Iran to become a nuclear power. Putin however did not agree on toughening up the approach taken towards Iran, he feels diplomacy is in place as the new leadership has showed no signs that these paths are off limits.

He urged that the diplomatic solutions are far from being exhausted and he feels there is still a way to manage this situation without any hostility. “We will undertake all steps necessary to settle all these problems and issues, not aggravate them. . . . We do not want our careless actions to lead to the development of events along the North Korean variant,” Putin said. Needless to say he does have a point, the efforts to “strong-arm” Pyongyang have been fruitless.

Juicy fact is that the Russian government is actually helping Iran build a civilian nuclear plant, Bush of course opposed to this but Putin stated that the Iranian President assured him that they have no intentions to produce nuclear weapons.

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