Iraq Violence Demands 21 More Lives

September 16 12:16 2005 Print This Article

All-out war has begun

BAGHDAD, September 16 – It seems a new phase in the Iraqi war has begun, an all-out no holds barred war of the Sunni militants against the Shiite majority. Earlier this week about 180 people were killed in explosions and attacks throughout Baghdad and its’ surrounding towns and today 21 new bodies were added to that figure making this week’s death toll just over 200. This is the third day in the violence campaign started by the Sunnis, they are targeting Shiites because they are the majority in the community as well as in the National Assembly.

The worst attack occurred in a town just north of Baghdad, a suicide bomber in car detonated his explosives as the Shiites left their mosque. Nine people were killed in this attack. Just south of Baghdad a local mayor and his four bodyguards were assassinated by gunmen, elsewhere a cleric of a Shiite mosque got shot and killed. In Baghdad local labourers looking for a day job were targeted yet again after a bloody explosion earlier this week. Today a drive-by shooting took place killing three men and wounding another twelve. In the small town of Haswa three police officers were killed by a car bomb. That makes the total count 21.

So far Al Qaeda has claimed most attacks, first to retaliate the clean-sweep of their insurgent stronghold in Tal Afar but now it seems they have gone to full war. Rough days are ahead as it’s not likely that the violence will stop anytime soon.

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