Exciting Day Ahead as Deadline of Iraq Constitution Appears Again

August 22 08:19 2005 Print This Article

Will they make it this time?

BAGHDAD, August 22 – It’s an exciting day for the U.S. as well as Iraq. Today is the second deadline for the Iraqi constitutional draft after it has been extended last week. Whether this deadline will be met is of great importance to the Iraqi citizens as well as the U.S. authorities present. Bush has stressed that a good start is vital to a healthy country.

After many disagreements reports raised yesterday that there might be a breakthrough in the process, Shiites and Kurds are said to be almost completely in agreement on most points making this deadline a manageable one. The biggest issue was dividing the oil resources fairly, so everyone could profit from the riches these sources will provide. There seems to be a general agreement on this point while another big issue, the role of the Islam in the constitution, remains unsolved. The two main points are whether clerics should be included in the Supreme Court and how much authority clerics will have in family disputes, such as divorce.

If this deadline is not met it will be another strike to Bush’s never-ending optimism. He urged earlier that the original deadline of August 15 was crucial to make this cooperation believable, another missed deadline could force even more separation among the nation’s citizens.

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