Christian Conservatives Awkwardly Quiet on Supreme Court Nominee

August 15 00:17 2005 Print This Article

Is Roberts that uncontroversial?

NASHVILLE, August 15 – This weekend’s “Justice Sunday” did only mention Supreme Court nominee in passing by but did not make a big matter out of it. Organizers admit that they have played with the thought but decided to focus on the role of the Supreme Court in our everyday life rather than “commercialise” the Supreme Court nominee, a clear conservative favourite.

The cast of influential evangelical Protestants, conservative Catholics and Republican congressman gathered on Sunday evening behind the Two Rivers Baptist megachurch in Nashville. It was expected to become a big plea for the conservative Christian nominee John G. Roberts but turned out completely different. Even among the conservatives the same concerns arose as among the Democrats, they find it difficult to judge Roberts’ suitability for the job based on his limited judicial record.

All in all it seems that most of the parties involved with the nomination process are eagerly awaiting the hearings on Roberts’ nomination. His work for anti-abortion protesters as well as for gay rights groups show he has done work for both “sides” and thus it is not guaranteed that he will be either extremely right-winged or extremely left-winged. More to come when the hearings start on September 6th.

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