Secret CIA Jails Under Investigation

November 03 11:44 2005 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, November 3 – The Washington Post shined a devastating light on illegal practices by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. According to published documents the CIA has several “black sites” in Eastern Europe which are used to hold Al-Qaeda prisoners under no legislation at all.

These covert prisons are likely located in countries like Poland and Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria have already denounced any claims of involvement. Frantiszek Bublan, interior minister of the Czech Republic admitted they were approached by the CIA to build such a compound but they denied the request.

Human rights organizations all over the world have reacted shocked to this news. The Washington Post claims they even know the countries that are involved but have been urged not to publicize this information to prevent potential retaliations by terrorist groups. The exact locations are only known to a select group of U.S. officials and officials of the involved countries. Even the U.S. Congress has been kept out of the loop on this matter although they are supposed to monitor all covert CIA operations.

The European Commission has announced they will look into the claims and investigate the matter. If any European Union member is hosting these sites this could have big consequences for their membership. Other Eastern European countries are looking to get into the European Union and such a violation against basic human rights would mean certain exclusion from the process of even negotiating to get into the Union.

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