London Terror Attack Breakthrough: four arrests

July 29 14:03 2005 Print This Article

But will it help?

LONDON, July 29 – Daylight raids disturbed normal life in West London today as fully equipped policemen entered two apartments and arrested at least three suspects. The policemen were armed with automatic rifles, gas masks and appeared in full body armor. The arrests were made in connection to the failed terror attack on London on the 21st of July.

Not long after these reports the interior minister for Italy announced that they have made an arrest in Rome, also connected to the bombings of the 21st of July. The man, a born Somalian with British citizenship, is believed to be the fourth bomber of that day. This would indicate that all four would-be bombers of that attack have now been arrested, suggesting an enormous success for the London investigation teams.

The startling fact remains that the terrorist did get as far as Rome while images of the bombers were spread widely to ensure their capture. Another report indicated that another suspect has fled as far as the Netherlands or Belgium by bus. Whether this man is a suspected, perhaps fifth, bomber is not clear at this moment. The scene of the London arrests were not far from a park where abandoned explosives were found after the failed bombings of hardly a week ago.

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