Suicide Bombers Strike Iraq, 33 Dead

November 10 12:12 2005 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, November 10 – An horrible suicide attack on a restaurant in Baghdad claimed 33 deadly victims today as well as dozens wounded. The restaurant which was a favorite among local police was attacked around 9:45AM, a time at which most police officers stop by for breakfast. Among the bodies were seven police officers, 26 civilians found certain death in the bombing.

This is one of the worst attacks in months in Baghdad, while authorities reported Baghdad becomes safer because of the military operations at the Syrian border, two suicide bombers entered the restaurant and wreaked havoc with their explosives.

The attack was also claimed by Al-Qaeda, shortly after the bombings in Amman, Jordan. It seems that although military actions are occurring more frequently the enemy is still not exhausted or even slowed down by the extensive operations.

In Saddam Hussein’s hometown, Tikrit, seven people were killed by a car bombing when they lined up for application at an military recruitment center. Most of them were former officers under Hussein’s reign and were invited to apply yet again to reinforce the troops.

In a town near the Iranian border the bodies of 27 shot civilians were found. It is not apparent who is responsible for this but many believe Sunni or Shiite death squads are responsible for the ever-increasing occurrence of bodies found throughout the country.

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