Bush Looking to Protect Aides in White House Scandal

July 19 07:20 2005 Print This Article

Cover up tactics?

WASHINGTON, July 19 – President Bush has decided to raise the standard by which someone in the administration could his/her job. Last year he stated anyone involved with the leaking of a CIA operative’s identity. Now he revoked this and set a higher threshold by making clear that he will only fire someone guilty of committing a crime in leaking a name. This step is of course highly disputable since his high ranking officials Karl Rove and I. Lewis Libby, chief of staff of Dick Cheney, are being named in a recent case.

Democrats are already accusing Bush of trying to shield his aides from punishment. Bush however urged to await the result of the investigation as prosecutors are told to be near finalization of the investigation.

Already several politicians have grabbed this chance to pounce on the President, stating that this will interfere with his (already damaged?) credibility. Rove meanwhile has admitted he spoke to reporters about covert CIA agent Plame, but said he did not know her status was covert. Libby’s involvement is not know at the moment but is suspected to be less than Rove’s. The end of this investigation is expected soon and this will clarify the consequences for Bush’ administration.

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