Iraqi Government finalises cabinet

May 08 01:18 2005 Print This Article

But Human Rights Minister Rejects nomination
The Prime Minister of Iraq, Ibrahim Jaafari has announced the final positions of his cabinet today with the main post, the Defense Ministry going to a Sunni Muslim.Two more Sunnis were selected for cabinet posts though the seections have to be still approved by Parliament.This is expected to be a formality this Sunday.
Jaafari said in a televised news conference, that a Sunni Arab is to be human rights minister and another will be deputy premier.Unfortunately noone told proposed human rights minister Hisham al-Shibli that he had been picked for the post.

“This post was given to me without anyone consulting me. I was surprised when they nominated me. It was just because I am a Sunni,” he said. “This is something I reject completely. I am a democratic figure … and I am completely against sectarianism.” There are only Sunni Arab lawmakers in the 275-member parliament.

He was asked but declined to reveal who would hold the powerful defence and oil ministries but has Newsinsider believes that the Defence Chief will go to Saadoun al-Dulaimi, a Sunni Arab, while the oil ministry will be head by Ibrahim Bahr al-Uloum, a Shia Muslim.

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