U.S. Forces in Ramadi Attacked as Iraqi Constitution Comes Closer

August 23 08:17 2005 Print This Article

Targeted car bombings strike the forces

RAMADI, August 23 – Today the U.S. forces in Iraq suffered serious attacks as three car bombs targeted the troops. No reports of casualties have been made yet. The first bomb exploded as an U.S. convoy passed through the centre of Ramadi. Minutes later a truck rigged with explosives drove into an industrial building often occupied by U.S. forces. Then when U.S. soldiers arrived to care for the wounded another bomb went off, making this one of the most severe attacks in Ramadi to date.

Ramadi lies almost 100km west of Baghdad and has been the scene of many attacks before. It is still unclear if and how many casualties were made during these attacks.
Coincidence or not, these attacks come the day after the second deadline for the Iraqi constitutional draft passed. Although there has been agreement among the Kurds and Shiites, the Sunnis have demanded profound changes to prevent separation of the nation.

The deadline for the draft has now been extended for another three days, it’s not clear whether this will be enough to satisfy the Sunnis. The Shiites wanted to turn in the draft as complete but the Kurds do not want to damage their relations with the Sunnis and would like to avoid the possibility of political and public disagreement.

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