Sinead O’Connor Reaches Out After Suicide Attempt

The troubled Sinead O’Connor reached out to her family once again via Facebook after lashing out in anger just a day earlier. The famous singer ended up in the hospital

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The Sheen Confession

Charlie Sheen’s confession about having HIV was first reported by TMZ and the Enquirer but wasn’t considered “real” news until

5 Bad Movies You Need to See

Movies are one of the most popular entertainment choices around the world. Many people keep a close eye on what

Michael Jackson Confident about Verdict

Reverend Jesse Jackson is saying that Michael Jackson does not feel offended in relations to his appellant but does feel

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Soon, Your Car May Prevent You From Driving Drunk

New blood-alcohol-sensor technology could cause your car to shut down automatically if it senses you’re over the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.08. In a presentation to Congress on Thursday, the

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