Emirates Reveals New Premium Economy Seats, Cabin

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Dubai’s Emirate airlines have really stepped up their game in the industry by revealing a new, bright economy cabin seating choice.

The new seats provide guests with a more luxurious experience as well as more space.

The upgraded cabin specifically features seats that are larger in size, spaced out better than the previous economy seats, and are simply much more comfortable.

These new economy seats are said to be an impressive 19.5 inches (or about 50cm) which is a whole inch and half larger than the previous seats. While an inch doesn’t seem like much, it really does add to the overall experience.

Moreover, the new seats are situated in a better manner than traditional economy cabins. Usually, the seats are formatted in rows of 3-4-3 which becomes entirely too crowded.

These innovative seats are rumoured to be set up with a 2-4-2 layout making them better spaced out which creates a comfier experience.

The spacious layout is certainly an attractive feature of the new premium cabin, however, the seats themselves are truly remarkable.

The new seats are a lush light-cream colour made of gorgeous leather with wood finish accents. This stunning appearance totally gives off a comfortable and luxurious vibe!

Another wonderful feature of the new cabin seats from Emirates includes a 13.3 inch (or about 34cm) television screen.

The screens are brightly coloured and are a great way to keep passengers entertained. In addition, the seats feature AC adapter and USB charging ports which are perfect for music devices as well as laptops.

The airline’s new premium economy seats also have bigger put-out dining tables and trendy looking cocktail side tables.

With so much space and modern touches, travelling economy with Emirates will make passengers feel super pampered.

Emirates’s innovative design with these new cabins surely sets them apart from others in the airline industry.

While Emirates’s cosmetic appeal of their new seats gives them an edge in the industry, the best feature of the new cabin seats is their comfort. The leather is a great attribute of the seats but the biggest perk to their comfort level is how they recline.

They are said to recline a whole 8 inches (or 20cm) and have some of the most comfortable leg rests in the market.

With this extended reclining feature, the seats transform into cosy sleepy quarters for passengers who are travelling a long distance.

These new seats are currently being tested in Emirates’s A380 aircraft. Throughout 2021 and 2022 the airline expects five additional A380 aircraft to be fitted with the new cabins and seats.

They are also expected to be installed in other planes through 2021 and into 2022. There has even been discussion of placing these new seats in the Emirates’s new Boeing 777x jetliners.

Even though they are not widely available in all aircraft at this point, those who can experience the new seats will be in a real treat.

Moreover, once they have been installed in more of the airline’s planes, some guests will get a free upgrade to try the new seats.

This trial run of the more modern cabins will really showcase how it can be implemented into other aircraft in the future. This will help spread their new design throughout the airline industry.

Aside from innovating the seats themselves, the airline strived to create a whole different atmosphere within the cabin itself.

The cabins have not only been updated to create more space but also a more private, quiet experience for passengers.

In order to achieve this, the cabins are strategically placed at the front of the main deck and two lavatories. The addition of another lavatory to the cabin continues the airline’s mission to make a spacious cabin.

The path that Emirates went to ensure that their cabin had more space is paved with success. The A380’s that are featuring these seats have totally undergone a remarkable transformation.

Originally, the economy cabin featured a whopping 338 seats. The newer, upgraded cabins have greatly decreased that amount to a streamlined 56-seat layout.

The location of the cabin has created a sense of bigger space and privacy but ultimately it appears the reduction in the number of seats has really pushed the envelope on making more space.

Sir Tim Clark, the President of Emirates says these changes are just another aspect of keeping their customers happy. The company strives to give guests the best possible experience in the airline industry.

With these new cabins and seat upgrades, it is definitely noticeable how dedicated Emirates is to become more pronounced in the market.

This is especially true considering that they are making these changes during a pandemic when air travel isn’t as frequent as it used to be.

The company is committed to bringing these new comforts to its passengers regardless of the pandemic. In fact, some would argue that the changes that they have made are giving them a bigger edge against their competitors during these strange times.

The innovations seem to be tailored around keeping people comfortably spaced out and helping them feel like they have more privacy during a flight.

Making these changes during a global pandemic is certainly a risk but a smart risk in favour of the airline.

This risk didn’t exactly stop at the newly design aircraft cabins and seats though. Emirates extended its renovation efforts to their First and Business class cabins as well.

The biggest change that was extended to these cabins is the colour scheme. The light-cream colour is a fresh and bright way to modernize the seats.

The Business class cabin also received the same wood finishing touches that were used in the newer economy cabin design. The First-class cabins are said to now feature wider and taller doors to help create a more spacious feel.

Similar airlines from China and India have the basic model behind Emirates’s new design however they aren’t as chic looking as what Emirates is bringing to the table.

In an attempt to stay above the competition, it is clear that Emirates has gone above and beyond to create the ultimate passenger experience.

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