Insurgents Step up Assault Campaign

May 01 03:30 2005 Print This Article

Are there links between Sunni politicians and Iraqi Insurgents?

More waves of violence and bloodshed hit Iraqi streets this morning showing that little ground has been won in securing a lasting peace.
After the ambush of an Iraqi Police station another 5 Iraqi civilians were shot dead in a separate attack.
Some analysts are saying that the increase of attacks since the nomination of the Iraqi cabinet is a sign that the mainly Sunni insurgents are worried that democracy is taking a hold.
Others are not so sure, and that its a signal that more and more Sunnis are feeling displaced and hints that there may even be a political connection between some of the Sunni Polticians and the terrorists themselves.The increase in attacks maybe due to put presure on a permanent Defense Minister being appointed and that the appointment be a Sunni selected on advice from the Sunni faction in Parliament.
There are obvious concerns about Sunni Arab cabinet ministers having connections with the Baath party which dominated rule under Saddam Hussein.Of course there is a difference between the pary memebers of Baath and those associated with its miliatary wing whose coup brought Hussein to power in 1968.
But it is this vetting of the Sunni Arab ministers that appears to be causing tension and disharmony in the new Government.

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