Try to remember the 7 simple Commandments of Food Combining

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7 Simple Rules

1. Proteins and Starches should not be Eaten Together.

2. Fruits Should Not Be Eaten With Starches.

3. Fruits Should Not Be Eaten With Proteins.

4. Fruits and Vegetables Should Not Be Eaten

5. Melons combine with NO OTHER FOOD.

6. Acid and Sweet Fruits should not be Eaten Together.

7. Eat Desserts first then wait 1 hour.

Herbs for Weight Management
Dieting is not the answer! Aren’t you relieved? Very low calorie dieting may result in quick weight loss but it almost always results in lowering your metabolism – and this metabolism change tends to stay with you long after the diet is history. So, how do you go about making a permanent change in your weight?

Step 1

Don’t diet.

Step 2

Increase your fiber intake. A study published in the October 17, 1999, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), reported that one of the best ways to control your weight is to increase your dietary fiber. Fiber helps you to feel full without adding many calories.

And certain kinds of fiber, such as psyllium husks, have the ability to absorb fat from the foods we eat, carrying that fat out of the body before it is absorbed. That’s how Fat Grabbers work. Additionally, fiber has been shown to help lower serum cholesterol, reduce risk for cancer, and help diabetics control their blood sugar levels better.

Step 3

Cleanse. HerbsNow recommends that all weight reduction programs begin with a thorough cleansing program. Modern food processing has removed most of the enzymes and fiber from our foods. And the staples of our diet – meat and dairy products – contain no fiber at all.

Inadequate fiber slows the movement of the intestines and encourages the build up of waste and toxins in the bowel, liver and blood. Accumulated toxins have been linked with diverse health problems including fibromyalgia, cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), poor skin, headaches, high blood pressure and digestive disturbances.

Everyone can benefit from a periodic cleanse to clear out these accumulations.

Step 4

Eat well. Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruit each day. They are full of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients as well as fiber. Include lean protein, a variety of beans, whole grains, raw nuts and seeds. Minimize high fat foods – these come mostly from meat, dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.), and snack foods (potato chips, cookies, and highly processed foods).

Step 5

Drink plenty of water – it won’t result in weight gain! “Plenty of water” is about 1/2 ounce for every 1 pound of body weight. Water helps fiber in moving out the toxins, and helps reduce feelings of hunger.

Step 6

Exercise 30 minutes three times a week. It will stimulate your metabolism and you really will feel better, have more energy, and lose weight! Your entire family will benefit from your example.

Step 7

Design your own Weight Management Program.

Clean Start

CleanStart is a safe and effective colon and liver cleanse. It helps clean out toxins that deplete and degrade your health. Each program contains 28 delicious daily drink packets and 28 capsules packets (1 drink and 1capsule packet twice a day). 
Each drink packet contains the following:

Psyllium Hulls to reduce colon transit time, help absorb bowel toxins, and normalize cholesterol. This may result in lower cholesterol levels, lower risk of colon cancer, and decreased appetite. 
Bentonite to draw toxins out and help eliminate bowel pockets (diverticulii). 
Freeze-dried aloe to soothe and protect bowel tissue. 
Chlorophyll to help oxygenate and clean the blood. 
Stevia to sweeten the taste. Stevia is a nontoxic, nonfattening herb. 
Potassium Bicarbonate which helps to replenish potassium that may be lost while cleansing. 
Each capsule packet contains the following:

Enviro-Detox (1 capsule) to open the body’s elimination channels. This may slow your aging process and result in higher energy levels. 
LBS II (2 capsules) to enhance elimination, increase production of digestive enzymes and soothe the digestive tract. This may increase your vitality and lower your risk of serious illness that could result from toxin buildup. 

Nature’s Cleanse encourages proper cleansing of the digestive tract, allowing for better elimination of waste and better absorption of nutrients. Nature’s Cleanse also supports glandular and liver function. Recommendation is to use Nature’s Cleanse for one week followed by 30 days of either Nature’s Thermo-Trim or Nature’s Syner-Slim. Nature’s Cleanse contains Bowel Build, Master Gland, Enviro-Detox, Liv-A, LBS-II, SF, and chromium. 

SF is the ideal complement to any weight management program. It supports weight loss by stimulating your body’s detoxification and elimination processes. SF helps the body expel accumulated fluids and toxins via the colon, liver, and kidneys.

It contains herbs which stimulate production of digestive fluids and bile, reduce cholesterol, improve liver and gallbladder function, purify the blood, increases immunity, soothes inflammation, relaxes muscle spasms, and destroys parasites. SF is composed of chickweed, cascara sagrada bark, licorice root, safflowers, parthenium root, black walnut hulls, gotu kola, hawthorn berries, papaya fruit, fennel seeds, and dandelion root. 

ATC concentrated is approximately four times more concentrated than the regular product.

Cleanse – choose the cleanse that most appeals to you. CleanStart is a particularly good choice for many people.

Multiple vitamin and mineral supplement – Everyone, especially those who are trying to lose weight, should choose a daily vitamin and mineral supplement like Super Supplemental Vitamins and Minerals. This will insure that your body gets the basic nutrition it needs to maintain health. It will also reduce the cravings often associated with an unbalanced or incomplete diet.

Fiber – Increase your fiber intake by eating more vegetables, fruits and beans. You may want to include Fat Grabbers.

Metabolism – Increase your metabolism by exercise and supplementation. You may want to try Fen-Chi or MetaboMax if not contraindicated by your health. Or you may want to try Garcinia Chi or Garcinia Combination. Garcinia is safe for everyone.

Add other supplements you feel meet your needs. Maybe you would like a meal replacement occasionally or maybe you need help regulating your appetite. Perhaps you would like to increase muscle mass as you decrease body fat or maybe you are struggling with cellulite. 

With just a little planning, a few products and a couple of simple, but important, lifestyle changes, you are on your way to the weight you want to be!

Tiao He Cleanse is a 10-day nutritional program to help the body achieve tiao he – balance and harmony. It’s a gentle, whole-body cleanse combining Chinese and Western herbs known to absorb toxins from the bowel, improve elimination, expel parasites, detoxify the kidneys and liver, purify the blood, and cleanse the entire body of cellular waste.

Each packet contains one capsule of LIV-C (liver cleanse), Special Formula #1 (whole body cellular cleanse), LBS II and psyllium hulls (colon cleanse), burdock root (blood purifier) and black walnut hulls (digestive system). Take one packet 15 minutes before meals up to three times a day (for 10 days) with an 8 ounce glass of water followed by another 8 ounce glass of water. 

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