Americans Grow to Accept Obesity

January 12 14:07 2006 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, January 12 – Perhaps expectable in a society which tends to grow more and more obese, this way of life is actually more acceptable these days than it was 20 years ago, much more accepted.

About 20 years ago 55 percent of the population found overweight people to be less attractive than their thinner counterpart. Nowadays only 24 percent agrees with this opinion, a considerable change. The market research firm NPD Group found these astonishing results among the U.S. population.

The 80’s and early 90’s were the peak of the “thin” hype. Salad bars and low-fat products were all the craze. Nowadays people seem to be more relaxed although there is still a lot of obsession over staying slim. Only 75 percent confirmed they had a low-fat or non-fat product over the last 2 weeks while 20 years ago 86 percent confirmed this. People seem to be more realistic too, in 1985 almost 45 percent said they avoided snacks completely, nowadays that’s only 26 percent.

Many believe society is simply more leaning towards accepting different lifestyles and body types but critics urge that the results of this research are influenced by political correctness. They believe people are afraid to be rude and thus say they have no objection against obese women and men.

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