Iraq Trembles Under Terrorist Bombings

January 05 13:57 2006 Print This Article

BAGHDAD, January 5 – In the deadliest attacks since the December 15 elections over 100 people died, leaving chaos all around. The biggest attack occurred in Ramadi where insurgents targeted a site where prospective police men could apply for a job. The suicide bomber took at least 70 others with him into certain death and left over 50 casualties. At the time of the attack at least 1,000 potential law officers were awaiting applications for this high-risk job in Iraq.

In Karbala at least 44 people were killed when a Shiite shrine was attacked by a suicide bomber. Hundreds of people were visiting the shrine when the insurgents struck and wreaked havoc. So far reports have indicated that the bombers approached the crowds in explosive vests and detonated when they were among the people.

In Baghdad during routine patrols at least five U.S. soldiers died when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb. They were a part of the Task Force Baghdad.

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