Bush Defends Secret Spying Program Again, Urging it’s Legal

December 19 16:57 2005 Print This Article

WASHINGTON, December 19 – President Bush never faced as much criticism as nowadays, and he seems to acknowledge this in such a way he feels obligated to respond to the criticism.

His speech was mostly aimed towards the war in Iraq. He shared understanding for the feelings of his citizens but he urged them to have faith in his policy and back him on this point. Personally I felt my stomach twist as he once again added that it would be reckless and cowardly to withdraw now and that he would not stand for it, in my opinion that is odd coming from a man who weaseled his way out of military service during the Vietnam war.

Bush also felt compelled to respond to the recent report by the New York Times about his “creative” spying program which bypasses any legal process. Of course he was sad that this program was leaked and actually blamed the NY Times and their sources for doing so as it disrupts their tactics and provides intelligence to terrorists. He also added that they’re not stopping the program because these times require fast thinking an fast acting, as always Bush is in a constant state of war.

He resented the remark that this might equate to abuse of powers because in his description this would mean a dictatorial use of powers, and we all know George W. Bush is not a dictator right? (cough, cough)

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