Secret CIA Prisons Build up Tension in U.S. and Europe

December 03 13:53 2005 Print This Article

LONDON, December 3 – Since the report indicating that the CIA is operating covert prisons in the European Union appeared many politicians have become anxious. The large consent among European citizens is that the U.S. approach is not working, if word came out that their governments are actually allowing the U.S. to transfer suspects and operate torture detention centers.

Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Europe next week will likely handle largely about this situation. It’s not yet clear how much the U.S. government knows about this network of detention centers but it’s already very clear that some politicians in Europe are turning red over the coming investigation.

At least one incident of a kidnapping, or transfer, however you want to call it, is known and prosecutors have detailed information about it. The incident involves an Egyptian terror suspect who was taken from Milan to Egypt, likely to use questionable techniques to extract information from him. Many experts believe it is mere impossible to simply kidnap a prisoner in Italy without some form of consent or cooperation. In light of the detention centers cooperation is even implied, so the governments facilitating these centers will be under very heavy fire.

Politicians in the opposition and human rights groups are already sharpening their knifes. It’s unlikely that these secret CIA transports and abductions will be answered for without, political, blood-shed.

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