Europe Bird Flu Troubles Grow

October 22 16:42 2005 Print This Article

When will disaster hit?

ZAGREB, October 22 – Europe continues to have trouble keeping the bird flu contained. This week Croatia was hit by the dreaded avian virus as swans were found dead near the local national park. The swans were tested positive for the H5 strain but they were unable to specify whether it is the H5N1 strain, samples have been sent to Britain for further research.

Meanwhile the country has begun culling thousands of birds in a perimeter around the national park. Bird owners and farmers look devastated as entire flocks of birds are killed to prevent further spread of the virus.

Saturday morning five more swans were found dead by the bird flu, near the same place the original swans were found dead. Authorities have urged to stay calm and not panic due to this recent outbreak.

In England a parrot was quarantined after it died by the effects of the bird flu. They are still researching if the strain is the H5N1 strain. The bird was imported from Suriname but the chief veterinary there claimed the bird was healthy before exporting it to Britain.

In Russia another outbreak occurred in the Ural region where previously hundreds of birds died by this virus. This weekend 30 more birds were found dead by the effect of the bird flu. Relieving news came from Thailand where a father and son were suspected to have infected each other but it has been proven that the source came from outside, probably infected poultry.

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